Dust Off The Gloves, Sparring Is Back

It seems a long time ago that the gloves were put away and online training and restrictions were put in their place. But now it is time to dust off the gloves and get back on the mat.

Sparring is an important training tool as it enables us to learn and improve our understanding of distance, timing, footwork, balance, control and many other elements of Jado Kuin Do. It is also great for our fitness!

To join in with sparring you will need to be at least a White Belt or above and have WJO approved safety equipment. There are 2 options. Hands only sparring where a gumshield, headguard and gloves*1 are required, or full sparring where Shin, foot and groin protectors are also needed. For gradings the junior syllabus is graded with Hands only sparring whereas the Adults will be full sparring kit*2. All the equipment is available via the online shop except for the gumshield. Self moulding gumshields are available from sports shops or your you may want to ask your dentist.

More information on sparring kit can be found on this article on the main Jado website – Sparring Kit

*1 sports mitts for the juniors and boxing gloves for the Adults

*2 Adults may practice Hands only sparring in class, however, when grading a full sparring kit will be required. Hands only sparring is a great way to start your sparring journey